Mia reorganize vytsvyarezniki

With 2004 honey vytsvyarezniki countries are working on criteria samaakupnastsi. But low margins — not the main reason for the closure of the institution in Svetlahorsk reads its last chief Grigory Ivanov:

«And where we still have vytsvyarezniki? In the former Russian Union virtually anywhere. Certainly, this system has exhausted itself. Of the total number delivered in vytsvyarezniki — not all the same zapivohi and drunkards. But for others vytsvyareznik — salvation in the winter. Because we’ll see, time will show. «

Before last year’s «Dazhynki» medvytsvyareznik Rechitza was closed, and currently remains in the Gomel region 4 such institutions. Earlier in vytsvyareznikav Belarus was 27, as at the moment — in the Ministry of Interior do not report.

 Where maybe vytsvyarezniki


Closure paasobnyh vytsvyareznikav control press service Oleg Slepchenko commented as follows:

«Where vytsvyarezniki not meet modern conditions, they are locked. Where maybe they reorganize, provide appliances. And they actually work as points of rehabilitation. There’s equipment can measure pressure, cardiogram done. It is no longer an end in itself deliver possible more people in vytsvyareznik now goal — to help people. «

Do we need now vytsvyarezniki, interested in people on the streets of Minsk:

Guy: «Better let him transported to vytsvyareznik than it would lie somewhere with such as he.»

Lady «I think, that vytsvyarezniki needed. In 1-x, the man returned there to solid state. And in-2, can someone and think, and what next? «

Guy: «I think that is necessary. Indeed unpleasant to be in this form.»

The Ministry Interior do not report how much it costs to stay and what fate vytsvyarezniku zapivoh in towns where no such institutions. In Svetlahorsk example, intoxicated placed in an urban clinic than there not very satisfied, said duty emergency room:

«Naturally, they were not satisfied. Emergency room — for patients. And here rattle and bullies when intoxicated bring in a different state. And it is necessary to create unhealthy. Some put in office, and some just in the hallway — those adaspyatstsa and go home. «

 Clash of interests 2-agencies

Situation with a system of long medvytsvyareznikav commented officer of Internal Affairs, the Speaker of the Supreme Council of XII convocation Mieczyslaw Mushroom:

«There is clash of interests 2-agencies: Ministry of Health and Ministry of Interior. It seems to me that neither one nor the other party does not wish to do this is not very lucrative and enjoyable affair. There are different ways of solving this difficulty. In some countries, these people are being taken and taken home. After taking it for some money. Immediately most of these people fall into vytsvyareznik, unemployed, some have no permanent place of residence. And what to get them? But these people need to put somewhere. There will be difficulties, and their unlikely someone decides lately. «Tags: vytsvyarezniki, mousse, reorganization

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