Why silent again andrei klimov?

Commented Tatyana Klimova that is almost three weeks no letters from her husband, a political prisoner Andrei Klimov. After the unexpected release from prison Autukhovich and Zmitser Dashkevich Tatiana did not exclude that the same release without warning and Andrew, but this has not yet happened.

«I’m glad for everyone who came out to freedom. Implies that this is a trend, but apparently was wrong. But we’ll see. Perhaps even now he will appear in the evening?»

Attendant Mozyr colony, which managed to get through, he replied: «If you do not write — ask him why.»

Alexander Kozulin criticized the government’s decision to build a nuclear power plant in Belarus.

«It’s immoral decision taken without broad public debate» — quoted Alexander Kozulin his last lawyer Igor Rynkevich. According to Igor Alexander Kozulin Rinkevich first concerned about the dangers to health of Belarusians as Kabbalah, which hit Belarus if take a few billion dollars in loans for the construction of nuclear power plants. Alexander Lukashenko’s position regarding the construction of NPP Alexander Kozulin commented as follows:

«Through the NPP it tends to get a strong political tool to influence the situation in the world,» quoted Igor Rynkevich policy.

Alexander Kozulin again urged «to solve the problem of energazabyaspyachennya role through cooperation with Lithuania, Latvia and Poland in the construction project under the supervision of international contemporary Ignalina NPP.»

Appointed day, when the Mogilev Regional Court will consider the complaint Artur Finkevich on the verdict in the Mogilev city Tribunal Last year in December. Recall youth activist recognized guilty of violating the punishment and sentenced to fifteen years in prison. Artur Finkevich previously served «chemistry» in Mogilev special settlement. Before the end of the two-month period he remained. On the days of the complaint, it became clear from his mother Mary Finkievich activist.

«5th of the complaint make out, and the 10th in the morning session will begin. Beheld His lawyer said, that everything is fine. More information no.»

Previous deputy editor «Consent» Alexander Sdvizhkou appealed, whereby Journalist sentenced to three years imprisonment for publishing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

Said this lawyer journalist May Alexandrov. «Since the verdict, and we do not agree, please cancel it. More about our arguments can not say, because the process was closed», — said the lawyer for the «Radio Liberty». According to Maya Alexandrova Alexander complaint Zdzvizhkou Supreme Tribunal make out in the second half of February, a clear time not yet determined. Meanwhile journalist was transferred from the KGB detention in Minsk remand Valadarski Street.

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