In russia for america

A 6 pm at the site about the structure of the State Library has gathered almost four hundredths students. They all had one goal — to visit the embassy United States America in Moscow. In dealing with them, it became clear that students expect to get a visa, so during the summer holidays in the United States to work in bars, restaurants, on construction sites — where everyone settled.

A few weeks the U.S. Embassy in Minsk does not issue visas Belarusian citizens. Students who put their trust in student project get to visit America, are obliged to find diplomatic consulates in the U.S. other statesah.

Young Man: «To see the country America.»

Woman: «see the country. Hunt very well learn from the British language. To work and earn money.

Young Man: «I wish to behold the country, of course, to learn the language … Ocean! I wish to behold the ocean! Naturally, also means …». «

Young Man: «I wish to meet with the Yankees. At us embassy does not issue visas.»

Young Man: «food to pass an interview at the embassy.»

Student: «I need a visa to travel to America. And then relax and work much happens.»

Reporter: «Why do not you want to go to work in some» revealing «farm somewhere in Mogilev?»


Woman: «I think it will be a means not as big as all the planning in the bus. Also, I believe that other country — this … «

Reporter: «How much do you pay to go to Moscow?».

Woman: «40 bucks.»

Student: «Food for the adventure.»

A 7-night convoy of 10 buses with the students went to Moscow. Ancestors, who conducted their own kids, even slightly delayed, so to speak. Among themselves they discussed the situation when, due to the country’s policy Belarusian citizens have to go to other countries on foreign visas.

Man: «In general it is not normal — go to another country, if the consulate is here, it’s totally stupid, stupidity, and I honestly do not very good. Not really! .. . «

Lady: «Daughter. Random — means lucky. Regarding cents for you, I will say this: it does not pay off. This is only in order to immerse themselves in the language of the remote environment.»

Man: «Certainly, when you communicate in the environment, in that society, then, certainly, you gain something.»


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