The whole truth about the anaferon

The whole truth about the anaferon

The manufacturer «Anaferon» — the company «Materia Medica Holding» talks about his preparation.

«Anaferon» has an antiviral effect

Yes, it is true that «Anaferon» has antiviral activity. Under the influence of «Anaferon» in response to the invasion of viruses increased production of two substances that inhibit the development of virus in the tissues (interferon-alpha and interferon-gamma). Due to this «Anaferon» has a broad spectrum of antiviral activity, which has been confirmed experimentally and clinically. The instructions to the listed drug list types of viruses against which «Anaferon» effective. These include viruses, including virus avian influenza, as well as almost all of the viruses that cause acute respiratory viral infection and a number of acute enteric viral infections.

Affects the immune system

«Anaferon» has immunomodulatory properties. In other words, the medication is helping your immunity to protect you from viruses that cause colds and flu.

This happens due to the launch of a complex immune mechanisms: activation of both innate immune defense mechanisms (phagocytes and macrophages) and adaptive immunity (increased activity of specific defense cells — T-helpers and T-effector and production of protective antibodies).

Provides ultra-low dose of the active substance

In this case, we will focus on ultra-low doses of antibodies to interferon-gamma. As has been shown in studies carried out in Russia and abroad, ultra-low doses of antibodies stimulate the production of a number of protective factors, including myself interferon-gamma, and increase the efficiency of the implementation of its effects (due to the fact that the reduced sensitivity of the target cells to interferon). Production Technology «Anaferon«Makes effective drug in the tablet when the content ultra-low doses of active ingredient. Due to this,» Anaferon «is well tolerated and does not cause side effects. Instance,»Anaferon«Children’s approved for use in very young children — from 1 month of age or older.


Preparation produced in the form of lozenges. This is especially useful if you have a sore throat — no need to swallow «rough» pills, or if you are taking medication «on the move» and do not have my glasses of water.


In numerous clinical studies side effects «Anaferon» have not been identified. Therefore, the main contraindication may be individual sensitivity to the drug. Security «Anaferon» pregnant and lactation has not been studied, therefore, be taken into account when assigning risk / benefit ratio.

Duration of use

In the treatment «Anaferon»Take up to a full recovery. Expectancy prevention» ANAFERON «is 2-3 weeks. However, people weakened and prone to frequent acute respiratory physician may recommend the maximum for the duration of the course — 3 months.

Interactions with other drugs

Until now, neither has the incompatibility «Anaferon» with other drugs. And if necessary, you can combine using «Anaferon» other doctor recommended medications (anti-pyretic, anti-bacterial agent).

At what age can take «Anaferon»

«Anaferon» is assigned to persons under 18 years of age. Given the sensitivity of the child’s body, especially for children was developed «Anaferon children.» It can be given to children from one month of age and under 18 years of age.

In what cases can be recommended «Anaferon»

For the treatment of colds and flu. In this case it is recommended to take «Anaferon» in the curative dose at the first symptoms of viral diseases — as early as possible.

For preventive purposes: to protect against viral diseases (especially when at work or at home someone is sick).

The manufacturer recommends taking «Anaferon» to ride case, if the cold will happen in another city or country.

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