Russian software exports reached nearly $ 4 7 billion

  • Russian software exports reached nearly $ 4 7 billion
  • To nearly $ 4.7 billion revenue rose Russian exporters in 2012, according to «Russoft», but the rate of growth for the year fell

Industry association «Russoft» pre-estimated the company’s revenue from software exports from Russia in 2012, the President of the non-profit association of developers Valentin Makarov called dynamic — in ending the income from such activity has increased by 16%. A year earlier, a similar figure was 22% and in absolute terms, exporters in 2011 earned $ 4.04 billion this way, we can talk about revenues of $ 4.69 billion in 2012


Half of the total revenue came in custom software development services for foreign companies willing to bring products to market participants 40% of revenue, and the remaining 10% — is the revenue development centers on the orders of their own parent companies.

The growth rate of the total revenue from the foreign and domestic market has not changed, as in 2011, this time it was 23%. Thus, in 2012, increased the role of Russian clients in the business enterprises of the association. Hiring a staff assessment «Russoft», also slowed — a total staff of companies increased by 14% compared to 18% a year earlier.

The growth rate of exports in range of 15-18%, forecast Makarov at the end of 2012 then he linked reduction in the rate of growth to two main factors: the shortage of programmers in Russia and the recession of the global market. In addition, in terms of personnel manager «Russoft» noted unavailability of relevant college graduates to work in the business, assessing the percentage of former students who can immediately work in the IT industry, is 10-15%. Now «Russoft», adding that the market affected by the trends return U.S. customers orders on their own domestic market.

The annual report of the association recalled that in 2012, just four Russian software companies got into quadrants Gartner: Perm ‘Weather »(Business Intelligence),« Diasoft »(Core Banking), Infowatch (Data Loss Prevention) and Inteltech (Cool Vendors) .

The association «Russoft» gave forecast of export earnings in 2013 According to Makarov, it will grow by 20%. If this prediction comes true, the market will be the first time surpassed the mark $ 5 billion

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