Army to lease or why the u s war with syria

Army to lease or why the u s war with syria

Rejecting both very much convincing idea that Barack Obama — bearded Islamist and latent, and because of that and seeks to assist affiliates «Al-Qaeda» in Syria, analysts wonder what the South American president is still necessary in Syria, which with such force he presses on Congress, allies and the international community? Wishes to restore its former prestige U.S. bombing another brilliant with the smell of democracy, similar to the natural? Aims to deliver the armed forces hire Saudi Arabia, which with delight South American «Tomahawks» pay, why in the U.S. and pripodnimut voenprom and budget? Maybe just going to spend a little war games, proving that the Nobel Peace Prize there is life in the old dog yet?

Jon Rappoport found nine circumstances storm Syria. In fact, all of these prerequisites are joined on the list of benefits derived United States (and, of course, Obama personally) suffering from attacks on Arab countries.

Will be created visibility for reunification «president who did his job as expected», referring to Congress. This will raise the political rating Obama.

Those Yankees who have evil with brains attacking Obama rejoice «leap of adrenaline.»

Approval operation Congress briefly revive the midst of the people the illusion of the constitutionality of America.

Anti-Syrian plan is a «long zagadannoy US-Israeli plan.» Syria must be destabilized and divided into warring ethnic segments. Construction of the pipeline through Syria must be stopped, says creator, then must drop the Iranian economy. Middle East must learn: U.S. omnipotent and dollar remains reserve currency in all transactions with the oil.

Operation in Syria to satisfy the appetites of the military-industrial complex.

Further provides long-term global goal: the entire Middle East will be «rewarded» unsustainable debt and suffering. Then come to the rescue of the best banksters they spend there «perestroika» and obsess region.

Attack Syria distract the Yankees on a huge number of scandals: the catastrophe in Benghazi, the atrocities the Internal Revenue Service, NSA spying, unsuccessful and the long war in Afghanistan, poverty in the country, etc., etc.

And what does «punishment Assad for use of chemical weapons,» you ask. Yes it’s just weird scenario.

There is another assumption, much more, speak out so radical, if a harmonious concept Comrade Rappoport.

Arab monarchies have offered to take on the costs of U.S. military intervention in Syria. This was announced on September 4 at the Congress, John Kerry.

«With regard to the fact that the Arab countries have offered to take the price and appreciate (it), the answer is — yes, indeed. They offered. This proposal is considered «- was quoted as saying corr. RIA «Novosti» Alexei Bogdanovsky.

«Actually, some of them uttered that if the U.S. is ready to do it all, as we have done previously in other countries, they will take these costs. Oh, so they are loyal to us. It is not in the plans, and no one reads this, but they say they are serious about it, «- said the head of the State Department.

And that said Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal: «The Arab countries should respond to the requests of the legal representatives of the Syrian people (opposition) for assistance from the international community to end the carnage.»

Many analysts, both Russian and Western, decided: Barack Obama delivers native army rent Saudis. Saudis desire to topple Assad and there is a reason a possible U.S. anger towards Syria. Besides economical problem here does not prevent sequestration: after payment transactions Gulf monarchy. In contrast, the United States can make a profit: MIC acquire orders, the budget deficit will be filled with live agents.

One of those creators, who writes about the «sale» of the armed forces «feudal Arab States» — Rainer Rupp. This left the German publicist, who worked in the economic department of the NATO Headquarters in Brussels. In 1994 he was sentenced to twelve years on charges of spying for East Germany and the USSR. Pro-communist German press speaks about Rupp as «our man in NATO.» This fellow wrote an article under the telling headline: «The United States for 90 days sold its own armed forces.»

According to Secretary of State John Kerry, says the creator, in Syria, «there are no rebels associated with» al-Qaeda. » He stated this on September 4, when asked Congressman. The news agency «Reuters» for the next day said that Kerry’s own words contradict «even his South American intelligence agencies» that are constantly stressed that Islamic extremists in Syria «are more efficient and is the most organized rebel military forces.»

Kerry tried to assure those senators who are concerned about the future of the U.S. economy: it is coming at the cost of the upcoming intervention. Secretary of State amused them, saying that some of the «Arab States» expressed readiness to finance the recent war.

«By all appearances, Kerry ready to immediately implement all of the U.S. armed forces feudal Arab states to provide mercenary services. And surprisingly, in America the news did not cause any disturbance. «

Regarding the same that in Syria there is no «al-Qaeda», Comrade Putin spoke. He spoke about his own grief over the fact that the U.S. Secretary of «lying.» Putin made a corresponding statement on September 4 Human Rights Council.

As the president noted, the question of a congressman in the conflict zone, «Al-Qaeda» Mr. Kerry said that representatives of this organization in Syria is not. Putin said:

«He’s lying, and he knows because that’s lying. It’s sad. «

Even such a mouthpiece of American democracy as the «New York Times», and he writes about the atrocities of Islamists in Syria.

The article titled «Cruelty Syrian rebels puts West dilemma» CJ Chivers knows how Syrian rebels posed, towering over the Syrian military. Five of the seven prisoners were tied on their backs appeared reddish scars, they are studded with officials in gryazyuka.

Command fighters 37-year-old Issa Abdul Samad recited a poem: «Fifty years they were companions of corruption. We swear by the Emperor on the throne of our oath says we will avenge. «

With these words, the commander «has released a bullet in the back of the first prisoner. His arrows followed his example, and without delay, killed all the men lying at their feet. «

Shooting scene captured on video. «Some days it reversed secretly brought from Syria one last rebel, whose murder began to arouse disgust» — explains the author of the article.

According to a former assistant Issa, mobile phones captured soldier were found videos showing that the military raped and robbed civilians. Issa made a «revolutionary court.» For what was to shoot at the camera? For the sake of money, «said former assistant, Issa organized execution video to show sponsors how hard he fights against Assad and his army, and to ask for additional funding.»

Financing — that the key to the planned South American attack on Syria. Financing of operations due to the rich Gulf monarchies, the profit for the South American military-industrial complex and, accordingly, filling the budget, together with ensuring stability of the petrodollar, in which a huge role take Saudi Arabia and Qatar, desired to now «rent» in the U.S. for 2-3 months sverhtehnologichny army, able to kill and sow terror in the distance — that collectively explain inflexibility of Barack Hussein Obama in the last days of intensely engaged PR and promotion of military business under the slogan «Bringing up Assad.» Famous faces from the administration of the White House give interviews to the press, participate in talk shows, act in Congress struggled to convince people that the Syrian president needs a «lesson», without which he will lose all the horror and baited sarin not only your people, and the entire planet.

The interests of Saudi Arabia recalled Obama former CIA officers, State Department and Pentagon. They sent a collective letter to the president, in which he warned against committing historical mistake.

According to the 12 signatories, CIA chief John Brennan tries the Iraqi scenario and misleading Congress and the public. Former secret services said that this man is not completely trustworthy. The same applies to the director of the State Intelligence James Clapper, who admitted that he gave under oath in Congress «clearly false readings,» denying spying for the CIA South American citizens. Just relied on the outlook of the last Secretary of State Kerry, trying to increase the credibility «of the Government assessment» — the document is not even cooked intelligence and crisp white house.

Former South American security officials say that a growing body of evidence shows: August 21 attack — it previously planned provocation committed by opposition fighters and their supporters from Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

So Makar, petrodollar, once coined not only money, he and geopolitical played with the United States unusual joke. According to Marx and Engels (see «German Ideology»), «in circumstances such as doing the same people, in what circumstances people are doing.» In the 1970s. in the volatile world oil and gas production and to create appropriate conditions for understanding and practical use of the fact that oil — beautiful facility to strengthen the main currency, and on and replicating the currency. Now, when in the reign of Obama’s economic crisis lifted the U.S. national debt to record heights and «cut» budget sequestration, including the military, petrodollar, created opytneyshemi businessmen from the U.S. in exchange for «security» Arab monarchies, has now become a new factor being dictating conditions of their creators. Washington uniformly degraded to the point that began to dance to the tune of Saudi Arabia.

As for the American «shale oil», it’s just another money bubble.

Not surprisingly because BH Obama not so many supporters in Congress and among ordinary people. If the past can still be fooled by using a talk show, the inhabitants of the upper and lower chambers of the Parliament of South American know all these tricks.

Senator McCain, they say, a particular poker player. And unlucky: loses all the time. This «hawk» — an adherent of a particular bombing Syria. I do not cover whether the Saudi intelligence of his gambling debts?

Surveyed and commented Oleg Chuvakin

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