Why belarus hitherto not adjusted release of personal dosimeters for the population?

Student: «Here in this speech Lukashenko, as usual, heresy, wildness and nothing more. Example. Already many times he says earlier stated that» I have more agriculture donated funds will not give. «It turns out the same double-entry bookkeeping. He cornered and agriculture, and the Belarusian people. Look, it gives different agriculture subsidies, surcharges in order to wage people get sowed, planted, purchased equipment, etc.. As in all statesah: assembled collection and settled for what the government gave. No, he always write off the money! And that bear a burden on us, as it is our money we gave. Taxes deducted. The farmers, in my opinion, have made production only up to 60%. Far from it must. And second, we just pay for what we buy this poor quality and expensive products, which produced. And no matter how much they did of what is needed, about 30% is purchased. Look about these tomatoes, of which he is so sweet, like a nightingale sang, read nothing more. That’s from Spain and Turkey have all and send, and not only Russian. Funds expended same. Again, due to our sleep. So here for the money that he gives the state and collective farms, can be purchased in two to three times more products than they create. Who is it necessary? What it did for the government? «

Lady: «I am a sincere person, not like heresy. I have always spoken out against the current regime. Yes, and you there is censorship, and very sorry. «

Moiseenko Gennady: «Freedom,» hello! Chernobyl 20 one year, but the wounds he inflicted Belarus does not heal and the pain does not subside in the hearts of the Belarusians. Yesterday the president with its own sovereign grace as once a year, broke up the wounds of the soul and spat in temperate and endangered people. Peralazhyvshy for weary, achy shoulders all the responsibility for the collapse, in fact, its own politics and economy in Belarus and well beyond. With all this it is not forgotten, as usual, to walk and «nedruzhastvennyh» enviable Russia and the West to these pesky thugs of the opposition. Not for nothing they say: if the head villain ajar to the wall and require a fee for him all the things he never gives out-of-pocket. To do this, there are those whom he fooled and who steals every day, how much would order. Because the list of injured and killed earlier and at the moment everything grows and grows. Sad date. Doskorogo goodbye. «

Sovereign Braslaw: «Good day, I listen to your radio long. Almost constantly. And now I hear that you are not allowed to go somewhere. You enter into conflict with the authorities. Better you took and planted alleys memory or a park. That would be the memory. thing useful. Instead of walking through the streets, waving banners sorts. Oh, so you need to do. Good thing to do, and not to look for trouble. Later Europe complain that you are oppressed. Do everything by law, against the law do not. Laws are not as strict. If you did this in America or Germany … I hear you defend Kozulin. In the UK, under their laws, he would have received 10 years instead of 5. «

Edward Tobin: «Thank you, pochetaemye. Only just listened to the answers Ivan Nikitchenko on-line conference. Sincere thanks to him for his generous humanity. Yeah easy for you, Ivan pochetaemy Nikitchanka Lord health and longevity. You real patriot of our civilization, sincere patron and its zahavatsel «.

Man: «What about the nuclear power plant. Build a nuclear power plant are imperative, and do it were due back in 50-60 s. We would have had benefits from the station, and we have enough radiation and its neighbors. «

«As for Yeltsin. Very amazed Lukashenko’s statement. He himself cursed with Shushkevich Yeltsin, and now praises -» an indispensable «, etc.. If such leaders will think, that read Now one thing and another tomorrow, and so on, it is insulting that statement. Thank you. «

Tatiana Barrel, Ossipovichi: «Good evening, you know, I do not agree with your urezvannem my call about» Chernobyl Way. «I am absolutely not afraid to go out, because I go every year.’s Just that I do not go out in This year, since I’m on duty. Nightwatch at me, I can not come to Minsk. And I would not want you to have more so tsenzuravali calls. It is better not let them on the air completely. «

Lady: «The police let him pay one who removes it. And the one who scatters rallies, processions, beating people to pay for lawns trampled. Peaceful march unarmed police do not need. A request to Paulichenka — vgamanits own boss Lukashenko, give a relaxed walk to the people of Belarus «Chernobyl Way».

Man: «Good day, now just one year old with the disastrous dates, when a reactor exploded at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The results of this disaster will be even hundreds of years to affect our people, health civilization. But I have a question, I asked the same and in the past. Why Belarus, which produces a lot of different techniques, devices, including and of cosmic apparatus, hitherto not adjusted release of personal dosimeters for the population, which in Belarus could buy before coming to power of our president. I think the answer is imposed by itself, as our president and government in general is concerned, so that people know the truth about the real outcome of this disaster. And we are given is official. Official information is always something more abrublenaya more deceitful. And so, despite the fact that a lot of what we have done, though the population is not given the opportunity without the help of others to keep the situation under control in the radiation environment. At the same time our president once promised that he would hold a referendum regarding the construction of a nuclear power plant in Belarus. But it did not work out. And lots and lots of questions to our president and the government, which he did not wish to answer. And who will ask them to him? Thank you for your attention. «

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