Cup winner freedom football team became bpf

Now on the football field that Minsk park CHelyuskincev radially tournament met 5 teams: BPF, the United civilian party, the Party of Communists Belarusian, team Koydanavshchyny democratic forces «45 +» and a team of journalists.

For fans watched the tournament with radios

The last four years in a row in this tournament winning team of journalists. Now they are also the first out of the squad against PKB. Start past favorites years was bad — journalists Communists lost 1-0. Technical Director of the tournament Sergey Wozniak said about the features of today’s «Cup of freedom»:

«Will groove tournament. Any team will hold four games and resultsthere will be defined favorite and prize. Also, we will determine the best striker, goalkeeper and player. «

Over the next few matches, a man in civilian with walkie-talkies.

UCP received from BAJ prize for the most sincere game

In all tournaments «Cup of Freedom» in 2000 is named after the former deputy chairman of the Supreme Council Gennady Karpenko, team participated Joint civilian party. She has performed and hosted the event. Says the captain of this team and a favorite of United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka:

«The tournament is notable for its strong roots. If it passes 11 years — it means, tournament that anyone needs. Principle and the very date of the Declaration of Sovereignty. And with this prazdnichkom unreal beat any decrees and edicts. It was, is and will be, and it justifies the tournament. And he’s a strong person naming Gennady Karpenko. I think we should pochetat memory politicians of modern history. «

In This year Belarusian Association of Journalists has decided to present its own prize «For the sincere game.» Says Vice Chairman Andrei Bastunets BAJ:

«NAL decided to give this tournament cup for fair play. And this, I think, is fully consistent with the slogan BAJ» Hold the truth. «So we decided to celebrate the team that will show more sincere game.»

The most sincere, views on journalists on the team looked UCP.

Team captain BPF: «We euphoric!»

The journalists took second place. Winning goal in their correspondent killed our radio Vitaly Tsigankov. On the 3rd place team, «45 +» with Koydanavshchyny. And favorites of the tournament was the team of BPF. Says her captain Sergei Mudrachenko:

«Well, we just euphoric We returned for yourself a cup for the first time since 2000, breaking the monopoly of journalists. For me this first tournament of amateur football.»

However, the team received BPF not the original cup and its duplicate, which reward the tournament favorites since 2003. Original lost in the cup is not fully clarified the circumstances and can not find it until now. His last held the then technical director of the tournament Alexander Zelko, who claims to have handed it over to the headquarters of the UCP. In the United civilian party they say that they do not have the cup.

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