Martyrology of liberty misha lobanov

Lobanov Misha born in 1893, native village. Cauchy Orsha district of Mogilev province. Illiterate. Member of civilian war on the side of the white in 1918-1919. In 1930, the dispossessed, the detachment was Streltsov. Farmer in the village. Tugushev Lower Ingaskaga p-CC. 06/02/1931 triple OGPU VSC sentenced to 5 years in Alekseev SN (61 pers.). 10/14/1961 rehabilitated kraysudom QC. In 1936 for sabotage was sentenced to one year of forced labor. Charnarabochy smallholdings in with. Tugushev. On 11.06.1937 in the case of the bullpen Kanskoy number 10276. NKVD troika QC 18/11/1937 sentenced to death. 26/11/1937 Kansk shot at 3am.


On September 1, on the website of the «martyrdom of Belarus» printed biyagramy victims of communist repression — only about 60 thousand names of people who were killed, prisoners in concentration camps, sent from Belarus during the Russian terror.

Once a day, from September 1 to December 10 — a day or Global Human Rights — the air of «Freedom» we remember one name, remembers one life, tells of one lot with hundreds of thousands, dangling by the communist regime.

Lists of victims — the website — are available through the website

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