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Adding colour to your home is one of the easiest ways to inject your personality into your surroundings and to influence the mood of any space. But, it can be difficult to balance out a large amount of very bold color and this is where the use of accent colours can open a whole new window on your decor world. Specific colours have the ability to bring out different emotions and that is why the colours you use in your home are so important.

A smart way to decorate with accent colours is to start with a neutral base that serves as a blank canvas. I used soft white curtains on crisp stainless brushed steel curtain rods together with white painted furniture. This, together with the neutral grey walls and white washed floors, creates the perfect canvas to allow the bright yellow elements to visually refresh me, every time I walk into the room. I love adding fashionable decor items like an upholstered yellow velvet chair, ceramic proteas or a beautiful aluminium Venetian blind. These items can be alternated with the seasons, your mood or any occasion for that matter. So now that you’ve got a grip on the influence of colour, have fun, experiment and be your own home decor stylist.

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