Russian riot helmets protect from recycled materials

Russian riot helmets protect from recycled materials

Russian the military-industrial complex began make Helmets for Special Forces recycled titanium, to lower their price to 40 thousand rubles. About this newspaper «Izvestia» said the head of marketing and disk imaging Steel Institute Yevgeny Chistyakov. According to him, such a move because of the number of buyers in the middle of helmets Russian security services will grow.

According Chistyakov, the latest technology helmets are not made of premium quality titanium, and from scrap — recycled titanium, which is also referred to as «titanium sponge.» Price of an ordinary helmet is about 70 thousand rubles. It is made of high-titanium alloys with the addition of nickel, manganese, chromium, aluminum, silicon and rare earth metals.

Helmets made of scrap on the strength and anti-corrosion features are not inferior helmets from first grade titanium. According to the head of the laboratory of combined helmets Institute of Steel Sergei Chusova, secondary titanium contains a lot of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon, which could affect high-temperature strength and corrosion resistance, but these characteristics are important for aviation, not helmets.

Helmets recycled already passed the tests. Specifically, they were able to withstand fire bullets with iron cores of the Tokarev pistol and bullets special gun PSM. During the tests, it was proved compliant with Class of protection. Helmets of recycled titanium were also 300 grams lighter ordinary helmets — the mass of protection, coupled with a visor-proof glass is only 3.7 pounds.

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