Beautiful green forbidden movie

Film-comedy was filmed in 1996 and banned in his home country, France. Director — Colin Cerro. In Russia Film of solidarity forbidden to be shown on TV.

But to understand why this is so difficult. At first glance, La belle verte harmless as a children’s tale. Nothing shocking, nothing provocative … nothing at all would cause any strong emotions. From this point of view, the film stands out madly total weight of modern cinema art that somehow try to touch the most sensitive part of human nature, whether it be fear of death, pity, curiosity, aggression … In La belle verte you will not find anything like it. The film emphasized streamlined, light, monochrome and primitive. And all of this is so that the characters of the film does not even resemble the toy characters — puppets, as occurs in primitivist Kusturica and many other fashionable modern directors, decided to oppose the art of the big, bright, messy, but the flashy strokes scrupulous professionalism old classic cinema . Great movie about the life of a flourishing, open heart! On another planet people live, have not lost their connection with nature and live in harmony with it. Live for hundreds of years, and sometimes sent to other planets in order to learn something new. But on the ground no one wants — there’s not as all normal civilizations. But one woman is solved and flies to Paris. So, Mila (Coline Serreau) arrives at our beautiful green Earth from another planet, which is the prototype of a more harmonious and close to the nature of life. On Earth, she meets Dr. Max (Vincent Lindon), his family and other people, an example of which knows all the absurdity of our modern systematic technocratic world. But Mila has an amazing ability, it can disable people from the dominance of the two systems, then people become who they really are, begin to behave honestly, sometimes absurd and non-system … From RAZUVAEV middle of the road a man hurled shoes Director hospital, who suddenly realizes that he can not accept delivery, they do not understand anything in this — he’s not a woman and ending with politicians who suddenly begin to carry the truth from TV screens.

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