If you drink water you will certainly miss it through a filter

Grodno sanepidemielyagi convinced that tap water in the town of a hundred percent meet sanitary standards. But consumers prior to use it was passed through the filter.

Department Head of Grodno sanepidemstantsii Kaspiarovich Ira says that with 2004 Grodno is one hundred percent use water from wells. Solved the problem of water stations abezzhalezvannya:

«At the moment, the city enjoys a hundred percent water, which certainly cleared from overpricing amount of iron, and the water is quite meet sanitary standards.»

Ira Kaspiarovich convinced that the water that flows from the tap, no doubts can be used for domestic purposes. However, drinking Mrs. Kaspiarovich still recommends to use water that is sold in bottles:

«Well, why do we recommend? Since this water adapts such makarom that content to mikraelementav, that assist the body in the very formation of immunity in view of the regional features, which are among the population. «

As for water that people often take from sources Mrs. Kaspiarovich recommends still brings her on trial in sanitary and epidemiological stations.

Are Grodno drinking water quality?

Lady: «The bad as when we lived on the Avenue Builders, there was Better yet, and when we moved to the center, even could not wash: the skin was dry, all svyarbela, well, do not drink, buy separately for drinking. «

Lady: «It seems plain water.»

Reporter: «Did you drink it?»

Lady: «Use for coffee, tea and raw occasionally users».

Man: «Plain water.»

Reporter: «You can use relaxed?»

Man: «No, when we use, then surely passed through a filter.»

Reporter: «I’m preparing food for her?»

Man: «Yes, certainly.»

Reporter: «A separate drinking water do not buy in bottles?»

Man: «No».

Lady: «No, I am not satisfied with water. Lot of bleach in it.»

Reporter: «And for what she needs you use?»

Lady: «In the main when my underwear. If you drink or cook food, it is only through the filter. But you see, from time to time and forget all mixed …»

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