In the kaluga region is open cattlebreeding complex for 680 head of cattle

1 October in the village of Strelna Sukhinichsky district of Kaluga Region opened the first stage Breeding Center Ltd. «FFA». Last summer, as part of a large agricultural project was initiated reconstruction of livestock complex, calculated on 680 goals. And an updated farm is ready. Powered by 25 modern workplaces.


Provided for loose housing of cattle. Milking is done in a computerized milking parlor. In mid-September breeding complex settlers met the first black-and-white breed.

On the same day in the area Sukhinichsky opening of the production of cheese, LLC «hoe-milk» and robotic farm Ltd. «Lespuar.»



The new dairy workshop LLC «Milk Hoe» set a modern cheese production line closed type of Fibosa, Spanish manufacturer of equipment for cheese.

Ltd. «Lespuar» one of the first in the area Sukhinichsky launched a computerized milking parlor, now introduces to its complex robotic milking. For this project was remodeled extra yard on a cattle farm in Glazkovo, where he found the milking equipment.

In automatic mode, is performed by applying feed for cows, which came to be milked, sanitary procedures, milking, excluding the human factor, and therefore are thought to be the most comfortable for the animal, the system of quality control of milk.

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