Ministry of economic development has set a balanced budget dependent on pension reform

Should not be implemented, comprehensive, pension reform: the Russian state budget will not be able in time to reach the 2015 deficit level. RIA Novosti reported that the words of the Minister of Economy — Development Elvira Nabiullina: without serious reform, pension sector — to fulfill the requirements of the Prime Minister Putin on the conclusion of the state budget deficit is impossible.

Nabiullina said that if you do not take steps to restructure the pension system, the Pension Fund deficit will reach 3.4% of GDP. Starting with 2000go year and 2011y, inclusive, the state budget closed with a surplus. At 2011m year, due to higher energy prices on the world market, it was possible to raise additional funds in the budget deficit and reach the level.

The repetition of the scenario 2011go year, possibly in the 2012m year. Forecast a fall in GDP at the beginning of the year was 1.5%. By April, thanks to steady growth in oil prices, the Finance Ministry has adjusted the forecast to 0.3%. In general articles of the state budget, a significant part is made contributions to the pension fund.

Presence of a negative balance of payments of the Pension Fund, was the occasion to discuss a possible pension reform. For the purpose of the withdrawal of the pension fund deficit: Finance Ministry together with the Ministry and the Pension Fund put forward a number of recommendations aimed at gradually increasing the retirement age in the country.

From the statements of Prime Minister Putin that in the near future to raise the retirement age is expected. At the same time, Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, a proposal put forward: the change is not in the retirement age, and the «pension formula.» The possibility of paying a certain percentage of the earned pension due of experience.

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