Ten commandments of moral ancient slavs

And break the yoke as yoke broke

More than once the rebel army …

Russian born — is too low:

They need to be, they should be!


Ten commandments of moral ancient slavs

Vedic Slavs put before the people spiritual goals, so Slavs in Sanskrit is called Society Aryani. Aryan — follower of the Vedic culture, the people, the purpose of life is to achieve spiritual perfection.Long before the new era of the Slavs had clearly defined the concept of morality as the basis for the development of the soul: in this they saw the meaning of human life.


As set forth in the Ten Commandments Aryan Vedas — Dasalakshane / «das» — ten: «laksana» — a concise sentence, the commandment / says: «Thoughts, words and actions give good or bad results. The idea to someone else, in a criminal action, in disbelief — are the sins of thought, vilification, lies, slander, unfit speech — are sins of word, learn other people’s, murder, adultery — the essence of bodily sins / action / «.

These ancient foundations of morality in the world the original, the one faith of mankind Slavs retained and carried through the dark ages, despite all the lies of this world. Each of these precious commandments sparkled in the Russian language is rich in proverbs loose, flowing wondrous light of folk wisdom.

The idea to someone else 

— The opponent did not open his mouth loaf!

— Do not breed Usok on another piece!

— And a stranger will not chase a good hook!

— Do not hope, Roman, on someone else’s pocket!

— For the future acquisition of the thieves will not go.

— Have pity on someone else — God will give his.

— Life on a string, and think of spoil.

— Their best crackers foreign pies.

— Someone else is not firmly and large, and the — and the small, but just. 

The idea for a criminal offense 

— Where an oath — here and crime.

— Live nimble / crafty / — die tart.

— What habitation, so is the other world howling.

— How he lived and died. What life is, so is the otrygnetsya.

— Better death than angry stomach.

— Pray, and beware of evil deeds!

— What do not you like in the other, and that he did not do it!

— Life is to do good. 

Plan an unbeliever 

— From God to give up — to Satan stick.

— Moving away from God — are killed.

— Without faith, you live in this world, but on the fact you will not live.

— Sins of the kind brought to the abyss.

— Without God and worm sglozhet.

— God will not give out, do not eat pig.

— God popuschaet, goose and pig eats.

— ‘ll Be crying, God will force no longer live.

— Death without repentance — the dog’s death.

— Death — evil and good — eternal memory.

— About the dead not Molvi thin — you will offend God.

— We live and die.

— Meant it: Krivobok to the light go away.

— Everything in the world is going Bozheyu goodness yes stupidity of Man.

— With faith never perish.

— Live — to serve God

— Divine — not of man, but man — from God.

— What is God’s will, then suitable.

— Rely on God, not coated.

— He was not discouraged, who trusts in God.

— Soak God, God will dry.

— Nor slyly, not much, no misery, no rich God’s judgment is inevitable.

— Born man to death, and die — on her stomach.

— Alive — we have died — the Gods.

— Death by terrible sins. Do not be afraid of death, fear of sins! Life worse than death.

— Sow tenacious reap umirayuchi.

— In this world we are guests at a party.

— Was not, what will be will be, and will be that God will, and that God is not willing, all for the benefit of either rescue or learn.

— God lives, my soul alive. 


— Do not judge others, look out for yourself! Aubury repi first with yourself.

— Himself lying in the mud, and shouts: Do not spray!

— Akhal would uncle, looking at himself.

— People blaspheming, and he hard a target.

— Says to you, forgetting himself.

— How about someone saying, has not forgotten.

— Bran — no tar and soot is similar: Do not cling so Marano.

— Not our business to find fault priest: for it is a pop.

— Not our job to teach the priest, let his devil teaches.

— Who gets hurt — that God hates.

— Offended CAPNET not tear the earth and everything on the human head.

— Hurt hurt — a double sin.

— Who blames the right, he is himself stings.

— Who bile in his mouth — to all bitter. 


— Men stand up to the world, the lies — the truth.

— Lies devour / false / that rust: tlit.

— What is false, then the rot.

— And people live in times of trouble, and of sin disappear.

— Lying does not enter into good.

— Any lie to yourself attached.

— No life without the truth, and howling.

— Without truth is not inhabited, but only mayutsya.

— Not with the wind says that lying is not necessary.

— Who is lying, he is stealing.

— Liar and obmanschk; deceiver and a cheat, a cheat and a swindler, a cheat, and a thief.

— Provralsya that stole, people will remember for a long time.

— Lie, so people obegat.

— Lie, because the people do not know.

— Sovresh — do not die, but continue to not believe.

— Just lied, and for a century was a liar.

— All blowjob, one truth remains.

— It is true that a pain in the bag — will out.

— Eat bread and salt, and plain truth Slash!

— Nothing to offend God, we must tell the truth.

— Do not lie — will of God. 


— Fear of the accuser as an evil heretic.

— Detractors in the world to lick the hot pan.

— Telltale light on the tongue hanging.

— Slander — that coal: not burn, so tainted.

— Snake evaded, and from slander will not leave.

— Famously the one who creates the truth to whom.

— God loves the righteous, and the devil — telltale. 

Unsuitable speech 

— Fear the Most High, do not talk too much!

— In the multitude of words is not no idle chatter.

— The word is not a sparrow: fly, so it is out.

— Spit — can not be undone, has released a word — it is out.

— My tongue — my enemy.

— Word — not a knife, and the knife carries.

— God, then pray, and hell are not rude! 

Master the stranger 

— Untrue acquired for future use will not work.

— Another’s good side to come out.

— Hood acquired — please do not do also.

— Acquired a sin not build the house.

— In another Prudok not throw nevodok!

— And with a mind to steal — trouble is inevitable.

— Another’s bread bitter. Choke on a piece of someone else’s.

— Bread of the stranger’s mouth pulls. Alien cous mouth no go.

— Steal — to get into trouble.

— Thief steals not for profit, but for the death.

— Once stolen — thief ever been decried.

— Stranger shalt not reliable.

— For their enter, but for someone else is not enough!

— NON profit — children not razzhiva.

— Better world sbirat than someone else to take!

— It is better to live poor than rich with sin.

— It is better to trade with a loss than lucre steal.

— Do not take too much — do not ruin the soul. 


— Life gives one only God, and takes away any snake.

— Killed silent, but for him to ask.

— Dead at the gate is not necessary, but its take.

— Go on someone else’s head — his bear.

— Easy to ruin, but what is the soul? 


— From our ribs we did not wait for the good.

— Sickening live without sweet, and with disfavor — sickening.

— Strange women not to look, but for his look closely!

— Wife playful, because her husband beat.

— Whose soul in sin, that and the response.

— Wife choose not with the eyes, ears and / ie about fame /.

— Wife to her husband is honest.

— Kindly wife and husband honest.

— Mother of righteousness — fenced in stone. 

All these ten sins are expressed in the form:

— mental sin / greed, jealousy, denial of the reality of the Creator /;

— verbal sins / perjury, harsh words, jealous speech lie /;

— physical sins / bodily injury, lust, theft /.

The original meaning of some Russian proverbs, unfortunately, was distorted. An example can be dangerous nedogovorki famous proverbs:

— Drunken sea — on the knee, and a pool — on the ears.

— In a healthy body — healthy mind — a rare stroke of luck.

— Repetition — the mother of learning and refuge for lazy people.

— Let bygones — bygones, and who forgets — to both.

— The family has its black sheep, but because it’s not a monster to please.

— Easy does it — the race from the place where you are going.

— Hit on one cheek — turn the other, but do not let yourself hit. 

The latter goes, of course, has a Christian background. It is believed that her contemporary, gospel version of reticence gave Jesus Christ as a command to eliminate the evil. But if we take only the first part of her / in the evangelical version of /, it will restrain evil only when the show got excited aggressiveness decent man whose conscience will wake up, and he change his mind at the sight of unprotected victims. But if the attacker is a sadist, the evil will only increase, as it will be a great pleasure to break when substituted jaw, and, confident of their impunity, to sin more. Responsibility for the increased with evil lies not only in the striker, but the one who provoked him to further crime. For offended had a chance to stop the evil, substituting, in accordance with the first part of the command, the other cheek, that giving the aggressor the opportunity to repent, and making sure the ineffectiveness of the precepts of the Gospel and proceeding to its second, keep back part, give a fitting rebuff to the scoundrel, that he should continue to teach it — cutting off, thus further increasing evil. Confirming this rule, the Vedas say:

unpunished evil increased.

«They will not bothering our hands on the plow, and the heavy swords, as we are told to go to the borders of our own and keep them from enemies.

And the smoke, they shall smoke, flowing to the sky. And that means a great sorrow for fathers and mothers of our children. And that means — it’s time to fight. And we have no right to talk about other matters, and only that.

… It was told from the Mother Sva that

B U D U u E E N E A A C A A B N O «.

Veles book.

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